In-Home Health Services

We provide up to
24 hour service
including live-in care

Fresh Perspective Home Care offers you just that…a Fresh Perspective to in-home care support services where our clientʼs needs come first. We believe that personal and compassionate care makes all the difference to our clients, and that is what we feel gives us a “Fresh Perspective” to in-home care services. Personal and Compassionate Care plus: Dependable Service, Continuity of Care, Peace of Mind, and Quality of Life all promote the care programs that we setup with our clients to assist them with Living Independently.

Our commitment to our clients and quality care has put us at the top of list when working with case managers, discharge planners, trust officers, contract agencies, waiver agents, families, and friends. In March of 2009 we even received the coveted “Triple Star” award from Burnham Brook which signifies not just meeting, but exceeding their expectations to quality care.

Working with families and case managers we begin with a full nursing assessment and design a customized personal care plan thatʼs unique to the clients specific home care needs. Our RN will then supervise your care program, conducting periodic nursing assessments and monitoring the clientʼs care to ensure that it stays in line with his/her changing needs. The RN will work to keep the family and or Case Manager updated as to the clientʼs progress while ensuring that the best of care is being provided at all times.

Example of some of the Skilled Care Services we can assist with:

  • Catheter insertion and care
  • Doctor Prescribed exercise programs (PT/OT)
  • Medication setups/administration
  • Wound Assessments and Dressing Changes
  • Vitals Monitoring
  • Pharmacy and Physician Assistance
  • Regular visits, Assessments, and training

Please remember that Fresh Perspective Home Care provides services that are designed to reduce the difficult, time consuming, and often stressful aspects of personal home care. To this end, we can provide Companions, Home Health Aides, High Tech Home Health Aides, L PNʼs, and RNʼs with specific skill sets that will allow them to meet all your changing needs.

We specialize in the areas of Catastrophic Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Dementia, Hospice Care, and compassionate ADL home care assistance.