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Making Your Senior’s Home Safe for Home Health Care

Each June, National Safety Month focuses on making workplaces a safe place for their employees. Your dad has a home health care nurse. Have you ever stopped to think about his nurse’s safety? You should.

It’s easy to make your dad’s home as safe as possible for him and his care nurses. Here are the steps to take to keep your dad’s home health care nurses safe and secure.

Keep Up With Weather Conditions

After a snowstorm, ice and snow can make a sidewalk or front steps dangerous to try to walk on. Before the nurse is scheduled to arrive, shovel and apply a product that melts the ice. There are pet-friendly deicing agents.

Home Health Care in Pavilion MI
Home Health Care in Pavilion MI

In the spring, summer, and fall, check sidewalks and stairs for fallen branches and wet leaves. After mowing, sweep away grass clippings. Make sure a heavy rainstorm hasn’t sent gravel or mulch into the walking path.

Install Brighter Lighting

Dim lighting increases the risk of walking into things. Instead of an old light fixture that leaves dark corners, install bright LED lighting that reaches every corner of a room. You might upgrade with LED light bulbs or cost-effective ceiling-mounted LED fixtures that have settings allowing you to choose the brightness level.

Check the Flooring

Your dad’s flooring is probably pretty safe, but how closely have you really looked at it? If his nurse is coming up the stairs, are they wood and slippery if she has to take her shoes off? Is any of the carpeting loose? If there are issues, you need to address them.

Consider upgrading all of his floorings to non-slip vinyl planks. They look like wood, but the textured surface is non-slip, even if it’s wet. Once it’s installed, avoid the desire to decorate with throw rugs. If they don’t have a rubberized back, they can slip when you step on them.

Watch for Insect Pets

Walk around the property. Look for hornet’s or wasp’s nests on the eaves, under deck stairs, or in trees close to the home. You don’t want the nurse to get stung. If there are signs of these stinging insects, spray them and remove the nest or hire a professional.

You also want to address any flea issues your dad’s pets may have. Fleas are not fun to have in the house, so hire an expert if you need help getting rid of them for good.

Talk to a home health care specialist and ask about other things you can do to make sure nurses are safe when they’re working in your dad’s home. As you’re given tips, make sure you make the changes that are needed.

If you are considering home health care in Pavilion, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!