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How Does Senior Care Help Your Parents Remain Independent?

Independence. That’s what any adult wants. People want to be able to determine how they live and what they do. As they age, your parents want to remain independent in their home. They don’t want to have to move to a retirement community. They like it where they are.

How does senior care help your parents stay independent? Here are some of the ways the different services help.

Meal Preparation

How well are your parents eating? Are they struggling to cook meals that have the fiber, protein, and vitamins/minerals they need? Are they focusing on quick meals that get heated in the microwave? Senior care services are a solution to poor eating habits.

Instead of letting your parents live on microwave meals, have caregivers cook for them. Caregivers can shop for groceries, plan weekly menus with your parents, and prepare hot, tasty meals. Your parents don’t have to eat alone or take hours cleaning up the kitchen when they’ve eaten.


One of the issues with aging is that driving skills can decline. If your dad or mom have worsening eyesight, have slowed reaction times, or can’t turn enough to fully check blind spots, doctors are likely going to say they need to stop driving.

The loss of driving equates to a loss of freedom for some aging adults. It doesn’t have to be that way. Talk to your mom and dad about caregivers. They could have a caregiver driving them to stores, escorting them to appointments, or taking them on scenic drives.


Some housework isn’t too hard to complete independently. As arthritis pain, stamina, and mental acuity change with age, some tasks become difficult. Carrying a vacuum up and down the stairs to clean bedroom floors may become a major issue. Caregivers can vacuum floors for your parents.

Caregivers are also able to wipe down counters, do the dishes, sweep and mop vinyl, tile, or wood floors, and do the laundry each week. Your mom and dad could have caregivers change their sheets, make the beds, and laundry everything. When the laundry is done, caregivers can put it away.

Your parents’ house stays clean and organized. That helps them avoid falls caused by too much clutter and illnesses caused by unsanitary living conditions.

Senior care isn’t designed to take away your parents’ independence. It’s designed to help them remain independent by offering the helping hand they need with some things and the ability to do everything else on their own. Talk to a senior care specialist about the services that will benefit your mom and dad.

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