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What Does Companion Care at Home Offer Your Senior?

If your elderly family member spends a lot of time alone or doesn’t seem to be interacting with her friends as much as she used to, it might be time to find another solution for her. Companion care at home could be exactly that solution. It’s important to understand exactly how this specific type of care helps your elderly family member. The truth is that there are so many different ways that having a companion stopping by to visit can improve your senior’s well-being and daily life.

Social Engagement

Getting enough social engagement can be a lot tougher than it used to be for seniors. Your elderly family member may find that it takes a lot more time and energy to figure out how to be around other people. Having caregivers come to her means that she’s able to get social engagement without having to exert herself too much. All of that makes a huge difference in so many areas of your senior’s life.

Relief from Loneliness and Isolation

Another aspect of getting enough social activity involves reducing both isolation and loneliness. Your elderly family member can be dealing with both of these issues without truly realizing it. With companion care at home, caregivers come to your elderly family member and spend time with her so that she’s not spending every moment alone.

Friendly Conversation and a Partner for Activities

Just having a conversation with a friendly person is helpful enough for many seniors. But there are also lots of activities that it’s helpful to have a partner to make things easier and more fun. Whether your senior loves card games or having someone to read to her, having a companion there with her can make all of those activities possible on a regular basis.

Someone to Check In

For both you and your elderly family member, it’s helpful to know that there’s someone who will be checking in with her. You and other family members might not be able to be there with her as often as you would like to be, but that doesn’t mean she has to be alone. When companion care at home checks in with your senior, she’s got someone there to help her to feel special and included.

Help Spotting Potential Issues

No matter where you live in relation to your senior, you may not feel as if you are really seeing the full picture. Home care providers can spot situations you might not realize are potential problems with your elderly family member’s home or lifestyle. The sooner you know about these issues, the sooner you can take action to put solutions in place that are likely to have the best possible impact for your elderly family member’s daily life.

Even if your elderly family member isn’t sure that companionship is the right solution for her, it never hurts to give this option a try. Your senior may just realize that this is something that helps her more than she ever expected it would.


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