How Home Care Assistance Makes Transportation Easier for Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Marcellus MI

Independence and mobility are two essential factors for seniors who want to live active and fulfilling lives. But as seniors age, transportation becomes a bigger challenge. That’s especially true when they need to stop driving. Home care assistance can be the answer for seniors who find themselves dealing with these sorts of challenges. Transportation Help […]


This month’s High Five goes out to Patricia Erving! Although Patricia has been with Fresh Perspective Home Care for a short time, she has had a big impact! Patricia consistently steps up to help out on short notice with Clients, picks up extra shifts, and always provides quality care with compassion and integrity. Her Clients […]

How to Stay on Top of Senior Health

Home Care in Almena MI

Altering your lifestyle as you age can be a necessary part of life, especially for a senior. Diet changes, exercise habits, new medications, all of these may be necessary to change in order to remain at an optimal health level as you or your loved one ages. If you are caring for a senior in […]


Congratulations to our newest Caregivers. We are proud to welcome you to the Fresh Perspective Home Care Team! Laurie Wintersteen Bre Bolen Jennifer Hicks Gillian Sorgenfrei Autumn Meachum   Happy Birthday Wishes: 02/01 – Angie Honer 02/06 – Kwabena Boateng 02/13 – Kelly Kroll 02/15 – Prince Rush 02/26 – Denise McGrail And a BIG […]

Six of the Biggest Challenges Family Caregivers Face

24-Hour Home Care in Marcellus MI

Being a family caregiver is a huge responsibility and family members take on that role without batting an eye. The challenges that they face are heavy, however, and at times family caregivers need a lot more help than they might have expected they would at first. 24-hour home care services can offer a variety of […]

How to Help Seniors with COPD Breathe Easier at Home

Senior Home Care in Galesburg MI

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, offers some unique challenges to aging adults. It keeps them from breathing well, which causes a variety of other issues, too. Creating an environment at home that is safe and that supports good respiratory health is essential for aging adults who have COPD. Senior home care can make this […]

Four Top Tips to Help Seniors Deal with Shorter Days

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Fall and winter means shorter days and a lot more darkness, even during the day. Shorter days have a significant impact on mental health for people of all ages, but it can be even more complicated for aging adults. Having help from home care professionals can make dealing with shorter days a lot easier and […]

How Does Yoga Help Seniors Manage Stress More Effectively?

Personal Care at Home in Mattawan MI

So many people believe that when seniors get to their golden years, there’s not much going on to cause stress and strife in their lives. After all, retirement is supposed to be a relaxing and carefree time for aging adults. Unfortunately, the reality is that stress is just as much a problem for aging adults […]

What Causes Seniors to Experience Brain Fog?

Companion Care at Home in Vicksburg MI

Brain fog is a common problem for older adults. It describes a place of feeling confused, forgetful, and as if the person’s brain just isn’t working as well as it should. Brain fog can happen to people of all ages, but seniors often find themselves dealing with brain fog and worrying about what it might […]

Six Ways to Help Seniors Avoid a Big Fall

24-Hour Home Care in Vicksburg MI

It’s no secret that seniors experience a lot of challenges and changes as they age. One of the biggest concerns is probably around the possibility of experiencing a fall, especially because a fall can lead to some significant injuries that last. There are a lot of ways that families can help their aging adults to […]