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What Does Redirection Look Like with Someone Who Has Dementia?

People who have dementia may not have the mental capacity to control all their thoughts. For instance, if your elderly loved one has dementia, they will likely get occupied with one specific thought and not be able to let it go easily. An example might be that they are insistent that they need to go visit a friend (who they actually haven’t seen in decades). You aren’t going to be able to convince them they don’t really know that person anymore because they truly believe they do.

In instances where your elderly loved one is insistent on something, you and the in-home care providers may want to try redirection. What does redirection look like with someone who has dementia?

Look Into Their Environment

If your elderly loved one is insistent that they need or want to do something, but it isn’t possible, you may want to change their thoughts on this. While that may not be possible, there could be something in their environment that is triggering them to feel the way they are.

In-Homecare in Portage MI
In-Homecare in Portage MI

You or a senior care provider should take some time to look into your elderly loved one’s environment. Maybe, they pulled out an old photo album and saw their best friend from years ago. Since their brain doesn’t work as well as it used to due to the dementia, they may believe they are still friends with that person. If you can get their focus redirected on something else, then you can put the photo album away. That could help your elderly loved one to calm down.

Reasoning Won’t Work

If your elderly loved one has dementia and they are stuck on something, understanding that reasoning won’t work is the first step to getting past the situation.

Instead of trying to reason with your elderly loved one, you can try redirecting them. For example, in the friend story above, you could try telling your elderly loved one that they can see their in-home care provider (somebody they get along with). If you can get someone over to their house that they connect with, it could take their mind off wanting to see their “friend”.

Have Them Do Something With You

If your elderly loved one is still stuck on something, you might be able to redirect them by saying that you will do an activity with them. Sometimes, by saying “let’s do this together”, instead of saying “I need you to do this”, can make all the difference. If you can’t do something with your elderly loved one at that time, maybe you can have an in-home care provider do an activity with them.


These are some of the examples of how redirection might look with someone who has dementia. If your elderly loved one is focused on one thing and can’t seem to let it go, hopefully, these redirection tips will help.


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Chronic Pain Seniors and Health Issues

The Best Exercises For Seniors With Chronic Pain

Movement is one of the best ways to manage chronic pain, and there are a lot of seniors who are living with this condition. Some studies estimate that 75% of seniors or more live with pain most of the time. Medications can help alleviate some of the pain, but those medications can have side effects. They can also interact with some of the medications that your senior loved one is already taking. Movement helps seniors by minimizing or getting rid of senior pain. But what exercise can seniors do if they’re already in pain? There are actually quite a few exercises that are great for seniors who have chronic pain:

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art that is done very slowly with precise movements that are designed to increase flexibility and strength. It’s a great exercise for seniors because of the pace and because of the many benefits it offers. If you look you may be able to find a Tai Chi class offered a local senior’s center or find a local group that practices in a park or outdoors. Talk to your senior loved one to see if they’d be interested in this fun activity.


Walking is really one of the best things that seniors can do for good health. It’s easy to do. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment. And almost anyone can do it. The benefits of walking are substantial and one of those benefits is less pain. If you can’t walk with your senior loved one most days a senior home care provider can take your senior out walking each day to make sure that your parent is getting the activity they need to feel better.


Swimming, like walking, is one of the most recommended exercises for seniors. Swimming is a low impact cardio activity that won’t hurt your senior loved one’s knees or feet because there’s no impact. A senior home care provider can help your senior loved one get to the gym or the public pool for swimming laps or for senior water aerobics classes that are paced perfect for seniors who are trying to stay fit.

Strength Training

Strength training is an activity that more benefits for seniors than people realize. Strength training is something that seniors can do at home but it’s a good workout. It will help seniors hang onto the muscle that they have and increase their strength. More strength means more freedom of movement. And that means less chronic pain for seniors.


Yoga movements that are adapted for seniors can also help seniors build strength and maintain flexibility. Often senior centers and other places that hold events for seniors have yoga classes that are specifically designed with the needs of seniors in mind. Senior yoga classes can also help seniors manage stress and learn to meditate. Reducing stress can help reduce chronic pain so taking a yoga class could have multiple benefits for your senior loved one.


If you are considering senior care in Parchment, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!


Activity Ideas Social Seniors

Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Senior

Before winter hits, it will be important to help your senior get outside to enjoy some activities before it gets bitter. You can do fun things to help get your beloved senior moving around and enjoying the fresh air. Fall is here, and there will be events you can choose from as long as your senior dresses appropriately for the weather.

Benefits of Home Care Home Care

Questions To Get To Know Your Senior

It can be super nerve-wracking for a senior to have personal care at home but also necessary. It will be the job of the caregiver to get to know the senior but also develop a care plan. A lot of responsibilities are thrust upon a caregivers shoulders. Many people don’t know this but it can be unnerving for the caregiver too. There are some questions to help break the ice and allow the caregiver to get to know the senior but also allow the senior to get to know the new person in their home.

It can be crucial to give the caregiver enough time with the senior and vice versa. This time will allow them to get to know each other on a personal level and have a connection that is not fabricated.

If you are unsure how to help your seniors get to know their new personal care at home provider, you may gather a few ideas here. Get the ball rolling by sitting with both of them and asking and answering important questions. This will help you feel comfortable too.

Questions To Ask The Senior

It’s going to be important to have a source of communication with a senior. This will help a family understand what needs work and what is going okay. It will also help the caregiver feel comfortable working in a home and with a person. Here are some good questions to ask the seniors for the family and caregiver to get to know them better.

Do You Feel Like You Need Personal Care At Home?

This is one of the best questions to get the ball rolling. It will open up a way for the seniors to share their thoughts. Is this a good idea? Are they open to the idea of having help around the home? If you are unsure if your senior needs help, just ask them. This is one of the best questions to truly get to know the seniors you love and start providing support.

What Activities Are Keeping You Busy?

As people age, the activities and hobbies they do might drastically differ from when they are younger. Knowing what they like to do for fun allows their family to enjoy the activities with them. It will enable the new caregiver to learn a little bit more about who the senior is. When caregivers run the store, they can also pick up new supplies for the seniors’ hobbies.

Do You Have Any Health Concerns We Can Help With?

Most people tend to be private about their health concerns or doctor’s visits. This can leave a family feeling in the dark about the health of a loved one and concern. Asking a senior about their health is important to understand what might be bothering them or affecting them. Personal care at home can also help relay information to the family and stay connected. There are so many ways caregivers can help with an aging loved one it is time to look into it. Start by asking these questions.

If you are considering personal care at home in Paw Paw, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

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Alzheimer's and Dementia Dementia Care at Home

Four Big Benefits of Routines for Aging Adults with Dementia

Dementia changes how your senior’s brain functions, which can create bigger differences in the rest of her life than she expects. In the past, she might have had a loose set of routines for her day. As her dementia progresses, though, your senior may find that it’s much more important than ever before to have some solid routines that cover all of the bases for her. Here are some reasons that might be more important now than ever before.

Retaining Skills and Functioning

When your elderly family member has routines in place that work for her, her brain and her body are used to those routines and activities. Even if her working memory doesn’t actively recall that it’s time for her to eat, for instance, her body will be ready to eat at consistent mealtimes. But muscle memory helps, too, and routines are good for both building and retaining muscle memory with frequent tasks.

Maintaining Independence for as Long as Possible

Your elderly family member may have dementia, but that doesn’t mean that she wants to lose her independence completely. Routines help her to have ways to continue to be able to do what she can on her own for as long as possible. There may come a point where in-home care providers offer additional assistance or prompts, but she’s still doing as much independently as she can.

Reducing Negative Feelings

There are a lot of feelings that come up as your senior’s cognition changes. In the earlier stages, there may be a lot of frustration or even anger at what’s happening. But later, anxiety is more common. With regular routines, your senior may find that she feels calmer and that she’s better able to manage anxiety and other negative feelings. When those routines are disrupted, you’re more likely to see signs of anxiety.

Makes Life Easier for You as a Caregiver

But routines help you, too. Knowing what happens next allows you to manage your own stress levels. Also, being able to rely on in-home care providers gives you a chance to build your own support routines. All of this can help you to feel more organized and less chaotic during each day.

If you’re finding that it is becoming difficult to know what routines your senior needs, consider working with in-home care. They can help you and your elderly family member to find routines that support her needs.

If you are considering in-home care in Miamisburg, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

Family Caregivers Getting Help

Build a Team When Caring for Your Aging Parents


Two neighbors were chatting, and one asked the other how she’s been doing after her mom’s stroke. The neighbor often heard the other neighbor leaving for the hospital very early in the morning. She also knew about the care needs of the dad, who had dementia.

The other neighbor admitted she was feeling overwhelmed. As the medical power of attorney, she felt the pressure of making medical decisions, being on-duty at all hours to help her dad, and being present at the hospital.

She wasn’t sure she could keep up. In addition to the dozens of daily to-do tasks, she had to maintain a calm emotional state and be the leaning post for her parents.

Does this sound familiar? When was the last time you looked at your dad’s care needs in terms of your health? If you’re doing everything for your parents and little for yourself, it’s important to change that. It’s time to build your team.

The Goal of a Team

Why is a team critical? Caring for aging parents is emotionally challenging. Even if they’re always cooperative and upbeat, it’s hard seeing your parents’ abilities change. As much as you don’t want to think of them struggling to do things like cooking their meals, driving a car, or doing their own shopping, the day will come when they need help.

With a team in place, you have an emotional support system in place. Whether your other family members are involved or have professional caregivers, you have someone else available to compare notes, vent frustrations, and celebrate unexpected moments.

A team also ensures you have days off when you need them. If you’re the primary family caregiver and wake up feeling sick, you shouldn’t help your parents out. First, you need time to heal. Second, you don’t want to make them sick. They may not bounce back as quickly as you can.

How Do You Build a Team?

Where do you start? Talk to the rest of your family and any close family friends. You want to see if anyone is willing to help out each month. Your brother may have Fridays off and be happy to spend the day doing meal prep for the next week. Your cousin may be willing to pick up your mom and bring her along on grocery shopping day.

Discuss the things your parents cannot do without assistance. If they need medication reminders, that’s a daily task. If they need someone to do the laundry, that’s a weekly task. Create a care schedule that fits their requirements. Plan accordingly from that care schedule.

When you don’t have anyone to help with your parents’ care needs, call a home care agency. You want to have home care aides fill in gaps as needed. This way, your parents never have to go without, and you don’t have to reschedule your pressing appointments and responsibilities to make sure you’re free.

If you are considering home care in Almena, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

Home Safety Senior Safety

Making Your Senior’s Home Safe for Home Health Care

Each June, National Safety Month focuses on making workplaces a safe place for their employees. Your dad has a home health care nurse. Have you ever stopped to think about his nurse’s safety? You should.

It’s easy to make your dad’s home as safe as possible for him and his care nurses. Here are the steps to take to keep your dad’s home health care nurses safe and secure.

Keep Up With Weather Conditions

After a snowstorm, ice and snow can make a sidewalk or front steps dangerous to try to walk on. Before the nurse is scheduled to arrive, shovel and apply a product that melts the ice. There are pet-friendly deicing agents.

Home Health Care in Pavilion MI
Home Health Care in Pavilion MI

In the spring, summer, and fall, check sidewalks and stairs for fallen branches and wet leaves. After mowing, sweep away grass clippings. Make sure a heavy rainstorm hasn’t sent gravel or mulch into the walking path.

Install Brighter Lighting

Dim lighting increases the risk of walking into things. Instead of an old light fixture that leaves dark corners, install bright LED lighting that reaches every corner of a room. You might upgrade with LED light bulbs or cost-effective ceiling-mounted LED fixtures that have settings allowing you to choose the brightness level.

Check the Flooring

Your dad’s flooring is probably pretty safe, but how closely have you really looked at it? If his nurse is coming up the stairs, are they wood and slippery if she has to take her shoes off? Is any of the carpeting loose? If there are issues, you need to address them.

Consider upgrading all of his floorings to non-slip vinyl planks. They look like wood, but the textured surface is non-slip, even if it’s wet. Once it’s installed, avoid the desire to decorate with throw rugs. If they don’t have a rubberized back, they can slip when you step on them.

Watch for Insect Pets

Walk around the property. Look for hornet’s or wasp’s nests on the eaves, under deck stairs, or in trees close to the home. You don’t want the nurse to get stung. If there are signs of these stinging insects, spray them and remove the nest or hire a professional.

You also want to address any flea issues your dad’s pets may have. Fleas are not fun to have in the house, so hire an expert if you need help getting rid of them for good.

Talk to a home health care specialist and ask about other things you can do to make sure nurses are safe when they’re working in your dad’s home. As you’re given tips, make sure you make the changes that are needed.

If you are considering home health care in Pavilion, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

Benefits of Home Care Home Care

Tips for Transitioning to Using Home Care Services for Your Parent

If you have been caring for your elderly loved one and recently noticed they need more help, you are not alone. You may want to do everything you can to help your elderly loved one. However, if you are like many other family caregivers, you probably already have your schedule pretty full. If this is the case, you don’t need to worry because home care providers can help. If you don’t think your elderly loved one will transition well with home care services, there are some tips that might help.

You Can Be There

When the home care provider goes to see your elderly loved one on the first day, this might cause some worries. Your elderly loved one might be concerned about someone coming into their home. They might think that the home care provider will just do everything for them when they don’t need that much help. Maybe they aren’t sure how the home care provider will help with things. It might make your elderly loved one more comfortable to have you with them when the home care provider first shows up. You can ask if this is something they would like. If so, hopefully, you can work it into your schedule, so that your elderly loved one transitions better into the home care services.

Prepare Medical Information Ahead of Time

If your elderly loved one is going to get home care services, be sure you prepare their medical information ahead of time. For instance, if your elderly loved one is diabetic, be sure the home care providers know about this. If they have a heart issue or take certain medications, be sure the home care providers know these things, as well. The more the home care providers know about your elderly loved one’s medical conditions, the more they can help to keep them safe and healthy.

Emergency Contacts

Who should the home care providers call in case of an emergency? Sure, they should call 9-1-1. However, there may be other people that you want them to contact. Should they call you? Is there another number you want the home care providers to have in case they can’t reach you? Is there are certain hospital that you want your elderly loved one to go to if there is an emergency? Be sure the home care providers know about this.


These are some of the tips for transitioning your elderly loved one into home care services. Now that you have this information, you can share it with your elderly loved one. Hopefully, this information can make them and you more comfortable when starting up the home care services.


If you are considering home care in Marcellus, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!



Caregiver Stress Family Caregivers

Have You Stopped to Think About Your Own Self-Care Goals?

When was the last time you thought about self-care? Your teen has a game and wants you there. Your younger child needs your help with a research project. Your boss needs you to work overtime again. Your spouse has a business function and doesn’t want to go alone. During all of this, you’re also helping your mom and dad with their daily activities of living.

It’s easy to get caught up in helping others and lose track of yourself. Pushing off self-care isn’t ideal. The best case scenario is that you become exhausted and have to walk away for a bit. Family caregivers often push off things like dental appointments or medical exams. While it’s easy to put yourself last, your health and wellness won’t wait for you to catch up.

Things Family Caregivers Need for Self-Care

Self-care is more than seeing your doctor, eating the right foods, and exercising. It’s also about your mental health. It would be best if you took time off to do things you enjoy. You love to fish, so be sure to make that part of your self-care agenda.

You haven’t gone out with your friends or spouse in months. Take time to go out, socialize, and release your stress. Maybe, you haven’t found time to go hiking even though it makes you happy. It’s time to go hiking.

Sleep is another vital part of self-care that family caregivers overlook. Experts feel adults need seven or eight hours of sleep each night. Eight is ideal. When was the last time you were able to get in all eight hours?

Take a night off. Have dinner early, take a relaxing bath, and head to your bedroom. If you have kids at home, your partner can take care of them for the rest of the night. Read a book while your body winds down from a busy day. When you feel tired, turn off your reading light and go to sleep.

Discover the Benefits of Respite Care

Stop right now and think about the things you haven’t done for yourself. Come up with a list of the most important to the least important. Catching up on medical exams, dental visits, and eye exams needs to be near the top. Socialization and time to yourself need to follow. Now, make sure you start crossing off that list.

Professional caregivers from a home care agency help you out by assisting your parents. Take some days off, see your doctor, go out with friends, and stay in bed all morning. You’ll return to your parents refreshed, feeling better about yourself, and ready to provide the best care possible. Schedule caregivers today.

If you are considering caregivers in Paw Paw, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!