What Are the Mental Health Benefits of Owning Pets For Seniors?

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As people age, they may face problems like loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and a loss of cognitive function. Pets, especially dogs and cats, can provide mental support and improve seniors’ health and well-being in several ways. Also, the 24-hour home care team can help them care for the pets if needed. Keep reading to learn more […]


Congratulations to our newest Caregivers. Welcome to the Fresh Perspective Home Care Team! Dalia Delgado Trina Allan – Welcome Back!!! Happy Birthday Wishes: 09/03 – Jill Henry 09/14 – Debbie Burton 09/14 – Shayna McClain 09/26 – Norma Jarman 09/29 – Phillicia Jackson And a BIG THANK YOU to our Team Members celebrating Anniversaries! 1 […]


This month’s High Five goes out to Ledora Pena! Ledora joined Fresh Perspective Home Care in nearly spring and proven herself as a talented, compassionate Care Professional. She has a special strength in working with clients who have memory care needs such as dementia. She also is willing to help her fellow Care Professionals when […]

Downsizing For Seniors: Tips and Tricks to Help Along the Way

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Moving can be complicated, especially for seniors going from a larger home to a smaller one. It can be emotional since it often means going through a lifetime’s worth of memories and things. Thankfully, with the help of senior home care and loved ones, seniors can process their feelings and complete the act of downsizing […]

Helping Seniors Understand Medicare

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Medicare is meant to cover health insurance for people 65 and older and some younger people with disabilities or certain medical conditions. Unfortunately, the system can be hard to understand. With support from loved ones and home care assistance, seniors better grasp Medicare’s different parts and how they affect them. Continue reading to learn more […]


Congratulations to our newest Caregivers. Welcome to the Fresh Perspective Home Care Team! Steve Mugenzi Trina Allan – Welcome Back!!!   Happy Birthday Wishes: 08/02 – Wendy Leach


This month’s High Five goes out to Shonti Masten! Shonti has been an incredible addition to Fresh Perspective Home Care since she joined in March of this year. The clients love her. She provides great care and is always willing to help out clients if their regular Care Professional is not available. She is flexible […]

Helping Seniors With Their Hygiene Issues as They Age

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As seniors age, practicing proper hygiene to stave off infections and other health problems is more vital than ever. However, with age, this might be more difficult. With personal care at home, seniors get what they need to help seniors develop a consistent routine that helps them be healthy. Continue reading to learn how seniors […]

4 Environmental Considerations for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

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Designing a supportive and safe environment is an essential step for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. When family caregivers pay attention to what seems on the surface to be small details, that helps to make a huge difference for people who have Alzheimer’s disease. Visual stimuli, noises, lighting, and other seemingly small details are part of […]

How Can Home Care Help Seniors Manage Chronic Pain?

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Way too many seniors face chronic pain every day and it impacts their overall quality of life and well-being significantly. Having a plan for managing chronic pain effectively is crucial, and home care services can make this task easier for aging adults and their family members. Develop a Personalized Pain Management Plan When seniors are […]