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Getting Help from Companion Care at Home

As the adult child of an aging loved one, taking care of them can entail a lot of things – keeping care of the home, providing social interactions, driving them to appointments, and so much more. It can be quite overwhelming. No matter how much you love your elderly parent, there are only so many hours during the day.

You can help both your parent and yourself if you consider hiring some companion care at home. Having a provider come to the home and assist in items that overwhelm you can free up your time and provide you the energy and the attitude you need to help your aging parent in other areas.

While you can also ask family members and friends to assist in some areas, knowing a trained and caring professional is making regular visits to your parent’s place of residence might provide just the reliability you need to breathe a little easier. Here are just a few of the many ways having  companion care at home can lighten your load as a family caregiver.

Companionship and Conversation

Sometimes growing older can be lonely. Your aging parent may have seen many of his friends, family, and maybe even spouse pass away. While he might love talking to you and your family, you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle so you may not be able to be there as often as he’d like. A companion care at home provider can stop by regularly just to chat and provide positive conversations.

Hobby and Activity Partner

Some things are more fun doing with someone else. If your parent has always loved playing card games, he might get tired of solitaire. Find him a companion care provider and he can start playing games that require more than one person.

And if your parent loves to put together puzzles, go for walks, or play games, his provider can be a great partner for those activities as well. Whatever it is that makes your parent happy and brings him joy, a home care provider can assist with it. Of course, if you like to do the activity with your aging parent, keep that one on your schedule, but if one more game of Monopoly is about to drive you crazy, someone who provides companion care at home can step in and take that off your plate.

Transportation Assistance

If driving your parent around town to pick up prescriptions, go grocery shopping, and visit the library is just taking up more time than you have right now, having a home care provider do this task can free you up to focus on other things that you love to do with your parent. Companion care at home can provide transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores, a friend’s house, and local senior centers.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for a little help from a trained and caring professional when you need it. In the long run, it helps you to be the best caregiver you can be when you give yourself a little help.


If you are considering companion care at home in Almena, MI for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

Healthy Habits Lifestyle Choices

What Is Healthy Aging Month and Why Does It Matter to Your Mom?

Healthy Aging Month is an annual event, falling each September, that advocates for people to take steps to age well. What are the steps of healthy aging and why does it matter? How can elder care help your senior improve their overall health? Find out more below.

The Steps to Healthy Aging

People often think of health as eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise. While those provide a solid foundation for healthy aging, they are not enough. You also must take care of your emotional and mental health, get tested for health issues that are genetic or age-related, and stay social.

Healthy aging also involves avoiding bad or addictive habits. If your mom smokes, she needs to quit. Quitting can be tough, but it’s important. She can ask her doctor for medications that help or therapy groups designed to support smokers who want to stop.

Keep Her Socially Active

People who are lonely or isolated have been found to have higher rates of chronic health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and depression. That’s one reason that it’s important to stay social and engaged in your community. Make sure your mom meets up with others.

How can you make sure your mom socializes? Sign her up for activities at the local senior center. Luncheons, group trips, and dances are all options. They may offer Bingo nights, book clubs, and fitness classes, and all of these are popular ways to keep your mom socially active and engaged with her peers.

Make Sure She’s Up-to-Date on Screenings and Tests

Getting tested for genetic health conditions and age-related conditions is important. Colorectal cancer can run in families, and a colonoscopy is one of the best ways to detect it early.

It may not be the easiest test to go through as preparations require drinking a solution that flushes out the intestines and colon. That solution can make some people feel nauseous. Once that part is over, the scan itself isn’t tough and your mom will likely sleep right through it.

Breast cancer is another disease that can run in families. Your mom needs to go for a mammogram as often as her doctor recommends, usually every two years if she doesn’t have a high risk. Yearly mammograms may be recommended if there is a family history.

Blood tests to check her iron levels, red cell counts, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels may also be recommended. Make sure she goes for these tests as often as her doctor recommends.

Support Her With Elder Care Services

Your mom lives alone and has a hard time with self-care. Have you considered hiring elder care services to help her with personal care, grooming, socialization, meals, and daily diet? Elder care aides can stop by, keep her company, and help her with everything from meal preparation to housework.

If you are considering elder care in Mattawan, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

Family Caregivers Getting Help

Five Big Tips to Make Caregiving Less Challenging

Caregiving feels big because it truly is. It’s a lot of responsibility to care for someone that you love. The key is to find ways to make caregiving less challenging and still make sure that you’re hitting all the marks that you need and want to hit. These ideas can help you to make better use of your time and energy so that you can continue caregiving for as long as possible.

Take Some Time to Plan Ahead

A little bit of planning can save you so much grief as a family caregiver. That means both short-term planning as well as long-term planning. Sit down with your senior and make sure you understand what she wants from this phase of her life. That can help you to put together plans now that support those goals down the road. Make sure that when you plan, you keep flexibility in mind, however. Plans often need to change when you’re a caregiver, and if you’re ready for that eventuality it’s easier to manage.

Use Lists to Help You Stay Organized

There is so much to keep track of as a family caregiver. You may find that lists help you to keep up with everything that you need to be able to access at a moment’s notice. Lists can help you to manage information, but also prioritize what has to be done and when. If you’re able to delegate a lot of those tasks, lists help you to keep track of where you stand with all of those moveable parts.

Develop a Realistic Routine

Routines give both you and your senior structure that helps you to avoid missing anything. Daily and weekly routines that work for both of you help to keep everything moving like a finely tuned machine. The more realistic those routines are, the better for everyone concerned. If your routines feel like they aren’t working, tweak them until they do.

Don’t Wait to Bring in Help

One mistake that caregivers often make is that they wait just a bit too long to bring in home care assistance. When you wait to do so, you’re often way more overwhelmed than you really need to be. Home care providers can help you to revamp routines, keep your senior’s needs met, and stay on target as much as possible.

Pay Attention to Your Own Health and Needs

Home care assistance can also be a crucial part of you ensuring that you’re not overdoing anything. So many caregivers neglect their own needs and health, only to find that they’re burning themselves out and their senior still needs them. When you prioritize your health, you’re ensuring that you’re going to be able to continue to be there for your elderly family member for as long as possible.

As much as you might want to be able to spend every moment helping your aging family member, that’s just not realistic in modern life. That means having strategies, tools, and help that allows you to help your senior and meet your other commitments as well.

If you are considering home care assistance in Vicksburg, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!


Senior Safety Weather Safety

Facts to Know During Summer Sun Safety Month

Summer Sun Safety Month falls in August as it’s often the hottest month of the year in many areas. Your dad loves to spend time outside, but you worry about him being out in the sun. Here are the facts you need to know about staying safe in the sun and how senior home care can help.

Sunscreen Is Essential

Your dad needs to wear sunscreen. A broad-spectrum product is essential to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Look for one that’s 35 SPF or higher.

The amount of sunscreen you wear matters. You have to use a lot of it. Take a shot glass and fill it with sunscreen. That’s how much should be applied to the skin when you’re outside. If your dad isn’t using that much, make sure he increases the amount he uses.

If your dad refuses to wear sunscreen because he thinks it feels greasy, purchase UV-blocking clothing. It’s lightweight clothing that blocks sunlight from reaching your skin. You can get UV-blocking shirts, pants, jackets, and shorts. Add a hat to protect the face and ears.

90% of Skin Aging Is Caused by Sun Damage

As you age, your skin’s collagen production slows down. But, sun damage causes 90% of your skin’s aging issues. It’s the reason you see sun spots, dark patches, and dry, flaky skin. Moisturizer can help, but it can’t reverse the damage that’s already happened.

To keep your dad’s skin as healthy as possible, apply an unscented moisturizer when his skin is still wet from the shower. Allow his skin to air dry when possible.

20% of Adults 70 or Older Have Skin Cancer

By the age of 70, 20% of adults have been diagnosed with skin cancer. When caught early, it’s a survivable cancer. See a dermatologist every year to have your moles and skin inspected for signs of skin cancer. If anything is spotted, a biopsy is a quick outpatient procedure that can determine if it’s cancer or not. Senior home care can provide transportation to and from important doctor appointments.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration is common, especially in older adults who may not recognize the signs of thirst. Your dad needs to drink a cup of water every hour or two. If he has a hard time keeping track, look for water bottles that have flashing lights and beeps to alert him that he needs to drink more water.

If he is dehydrated, he may have chapped lips, a dry mouth, and dizziness. Confusion and fatigue are other common indicators of dehydration in older adults.

Is it time to make sure your dad has someone to supervise him on sunny days? Senior home care is one of the best ways to ensure someone is there to remind your dad to seek shade, go inside for a while, or have more water. Arrange senior home care services today by making a call.


If you are considering senior home care in Paw Paw, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

Benefits of Home Care Home Care

Learn How Home Care Works for Your Senior

Your dad is older and slowing down. While he still seems fine living alone, there are things you worry about him being able to manage without someone stopping by to assist him. He worries about having others telling him what to do and when to do it. You just want him to be safe. A solution that will meet both of your needs is to hire home care to help him with tasks he can’t do on his own. How does home care work?

A Caregiver Comes to Your Dad’s Home

On the scheduled days your dad needs help, a caregiver comes to your dad’s home to help him out. If he needs someone to prepare meals and take him shopping, his caregiver takes care of those tasks. If he needs help doing the laundry but wants to fold things himself, his caregiver will wash and dry his dirty laundry and leave it for him to fold.

Your dad may need someone to stop by once a week to take him shopping, change his sheets and towels, and clean the home. That’s fine. If he needs daily medication reminders, his home care provider stops by each day at the appropriate time, makes sure he’s taken his pills, and takes care of other chores on the list before leaving.

You’re Able to Change His Services As Needed

Your dad has home care stopping by due to his health. He was just diagnosed with diabetes, and he’s having a hard time getting used to keeping track of his blood sugar checks, the foods he can and cannot eat, and exercising for 30 minutes. His caregiver can remind him.

Weeks later, he’s gotten used to his new care routine. His caregiver can stop by less often. You might want the caregiver to just stop by each week to help him with housekeeping chores and take him shopping for food. Once a month, you might need a caregiver to help your dad with prescription refills.

He’s Never Left Alone When He Is Expecting His Caregiver

Your dad isn’t going to be stranded without care on days he’s expecting it. If his caregiver is due on a specific day, he knows he won’t be left alone. If his caregiver can’t get a car started or wakes up with a stomach bug, a replacement is sent to your dad’s house for the day.

He’ll have the replacement with him until his usual caregiver is able to get a ride or feels better. You don’t have to worry about your dad being left alone and forgetting to do things like take his medicine or get a ride to the store.

Arrange home care by calling and talking to an advisor. You can also fill out the online form and answer questions about your dad’s care needs. You’ll learn more about the available services and pricing for the home care services that your dad needs.

If you are considering home care in Mattawan, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

Senior Safety Weather Safety

Keep Your Mom Safe During a Heatwave

Heat advisories are being issued across the country. From some of the southern states to parts of the West Coast, the temperatures are extreme. Your mom lives alone, and you worry about her in the heat. What can you do to keep her safe during a heatwave, and how can senior home care help?

Have Her HVAC System Cleaned and Inspected

Has your mom’s HVAC system been cleaned and inspected recently? If it hasn’t, get that appointment scheduled ASAP. She may need to have the ducts cleaned and the air filter changed to get her system working efficiently again.

It will cost money to have this taken care of, but it’s better than having her system fail on the hottest days of the year. She may not have central AC though.

If she only has window units or a portable room air conditioner, make sure it’s working well during your next visit. If not, purchase a new one for her. If she doesn’t have central air, she doesn’t have to have AC in every room. But, your mom should have AC in her main living area and bedroom to stay comfortable during the day and night.

Install Smart Thermostats

Install thermostats that you can check remotely. If her home is heating up, you’ll get an alert. You can check with your mom and make sure she’s okay. If her AC isn’t working, you can call a technician to diagnose the issue and not even have to go to her house first if you’re at work or not nearby.

Stock Her Home With Foods She Doesn’t Have to Cook

Your mom won’t want to cook meals when it’s really hot. Have items she can eat without cooking. Prep vegetables, fruits, and grains in advance so that she can take what she wants without needing to cook anything. If you can’t, senior home care can be there to prepare healthy meals and snacks that are grab and go for your parent.

Homemade chicken or tuna salad are good choices to have available for sandwiches. Have containers of cooked grains in the fridge for cold grain bowls. You could top cooked quinoas with some cooked shrimp, avocado, chopped red peppers, chickpeas, chopped cucumbers, and grape tomatoes ready to go.

When your mom is hungry, she can get some quinoa and add her toppings and dressing. You could do the same with oatmeal and have overnight oats ready to top with nuts, honey, and fresh fruit for a quick no-cook breakfast.

Senior Home Care is Invaluable for Seniors and Family Caregivers

Make sure someone is checking in each day to make sure your mom’s home is cool and she’s doing okay. Senior home care services are a great way to do this. A caregiver can stop in, check how your mom’s doing, help her with daily chores, and cook her meals.

To schedule home care, pick up the phone or go online. Fill out a quick form about your mom’s home life, situation, and health and schedule senior home care services for her.

If you are considering senior home care in Marcellus, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

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Fatigue Seniors and Health Issues

Dealing with Fatigue in Senior Citizens

Everybody is tired from time to time. However, after a good night of sleep, if your elderly loved one doesn’t feel rested, they may be fatigued. There are many things that can cause fatigue. The more you learn about this issue, the more you and home care providers can help your elderly loved one to overcome fatigue and improve their quality of life.

Top Causes of Fatigue

There are many things that may be causing your elderly loved one to become fatigued such as:

  • Taking certain medications such as those for pain relief, nausea relief, antihistamines, and antidepressants
  • Getting certain medical treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy
  • Getting an infection
  • Untreated pain
  • Sleep apnea
  • Anemia
  • Chronic diseases such as kidney disease, heart disease, COPD, thyroid disease, and diabetes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feeling a loss of control
  • Stress
  • Grief
  • Staying up later at night
  • Drinking a lot of caffeine, especially later in the day
  • Consuming alcohol, especially while taking medications
  • Eating a lot of unhealthy food
  • Not exercising enough or exercising too much
  • Boredom

As you can tell, there are numerous reasons why your elderly loved one may be feeling tired. However, now that you know about these causes, you or a home care provider can work with your elderly loved one to find the source of their fatigue. Then, you can work with them on overcoming it.

Tips for Feeling Less Tired

If your elderly loved one really wants to overcome their fatigue, so they can stop feeling so tired, there are many tips that can help with this. Some of these tips include:

  • Have a fatigue/sleep diary to recognize patterns
  • Regular exercise
  • Don’t take long naps (keep them to 30 minutes or less each time)
  • Don’t take naps too late in the day
  • Quit smoking and consuming alcohol
  • Have all health conditions properly managed by a doctor
  • Ask for help if things become too much (actually, before they become too much)
  • Try regular stress relief tips and techniques such as yoga

These are some of the many ways that your elderly loved one can deal with fatigue. Now that you are familiar with these tips, you can start sharing them with your loved one today. Hopefully, it won’t take much time for your elderly loved one to start feeling more energetic, less tired, and have a better quality of life overall.

When to See a Doctor for Feelings of Fatigue

Sure, your elderly loved one can try the tips above to overcome their fatigue, but what if nothing seems to work or make them feel more energetic? What if fatigue continues to interfere with their appetite, daily activities, sleep, exercise, and other aspects of their life? If this is the case, it would be a good idea for your elderly loved one to see a doctor for their fatigue. Hopefully, the doctor can find the primary cause of your elderly loved one’s fatigue, so they can get treatment and start feeling better.


If you are considering home care in Pavilion, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

24-Hour Home Care Home Care

24-Hour Home Care Allows Seniors With Dementia To Age In Place

It’s always tough to know whether your senior parent who has dementia would be better off staying at home or with more supportive medical care. But many seniors who have dementia find it most comforting to be in the home that is familiar to them. If your senior parent is currently living in the family home where you grew up, chances are that most of their memories are related to that home and the family memories they made there.

With 24-hour home care, a senior with dementia can stay in the home they feel comfortable in, even as their dementia progresses. 24-hour care means that your senior parent will never be alone, so they will be safe and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that they are being cared for around the clock. Aging in place gives seniors with dementia things like:

Familiar Surroundings

As your senior loved one’s dementia progresses their muscle memory of the familiar surroundings in the house can help them get around the house more easily. With 24-hour home care there will always be someone there to help them navigate the house if necessary but many seniors with dementia who live in their family home are able to get around the house quite easily because they have lived in that house for so many years that the paths around the house are ingrained in them.

Family Photos And Items

Having familiar items like family heirloom furniture, the same art that they have looked at every day for 20 years, and walls full of family photos can bring comfort to seniors with dementia. And before their dementia becomes very advanced those familiar photos and items passed down from other generations can evoke lots of happy memories. You might want to record your senior parent telling you the stories of various photos or telling the story of how they got a particular item so that you will have that for the future.

Proximity To Loved Ones

Being able to stay in the family home as they age doesn’t just mean that seniors with dementia will have familiar surroundings. It also means that they will be in a central location where they can get visits from family and friends. Neighbors, nearby family members, and friends will be able to come visit anytime and spend time with your senior parent.

The Comfort Of Being In A Home

There’s just no substitute for the comforts of home. And for seniors with dementia having the comfort can make a huge difference in their quality of life. If you’re considering whether or not your senior parent with dementia can stay at home safely as they get older remember that 24-hour care is available and makes it possible to give your senior loved one the chance to stay in the home they love for a little longer. Comfort and security will make your senior loved one happy and safe in their home.

If you are considering 24-hour home care in Portage, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

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