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Quick Tips for Decluttering the Bathroom for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Care in Paw Paw MI
Alzheimer's Care in Paw Paw MI

When seniors with Alzheimer’s disease live in a clean and decluttered environment, they tend to have a more peaceful existence overall. Decluttering is a big task, however, so it can help to start in small spaces. One space that is good to declutter for Alzheimer’s patients is their bathroom and Alzheimer’s care providers can help.

Assess the Bathroom and the Senior’s Needs

Before diving into decluttering, take a closer look at the bathroom’s current status and the senior’s needs. Factors like mobility challenges, sensory sensitivities, and potential safety hazards are important to consider. Home care providers who are experts in helping Alzheimer’s patients understand what they need and can help family caregivers to assess what needs to change in the bathroom.

Make Some Categories

One way to streamline the decluttering process is to group items in the bathroom based on what those items do and how often they’re used. Some of the categories to use might include toiletries, grooming tools, towels, cleaning products, and more. Grouping items into categories helps to deal with the next step, which is to determine what to declutter.

Get Rid of Expired and Unwanted Items

The easiest items to remove from a senior’s bathroom are expired items that aren’t good to use anymore as well as items that seniors don’t want any longer. Medications, skincare products, and other bathroom items all have expiration dates. Removing empty or nearly empty containers or items that seniors no longer use helps to clear that space for items that are used.

Make the Most of Storage Space

Once unwanted items are removed, it’s possible that there’s more storage space in the bathroom. Maximizing that space helps ensure that it’s easy to find essential items. Labeling drawers, shelves, and storage containers can also be incredibly helpful for Alzheimer’s patients.

Focus on Shower Safety

People with Alzheimer’s disease may need special assistance being safer in the shower. Adding tools like non-slip mats, shower chairs, and grab bars makes it easier and safer to bathe, especially with help from Alzheimer’s care providers. Adding soap and shampoo dispensers can also help because it removes bottles and other items that could affect shower safety.

Put a Maintenance Plan in Place

After decluttering the bathroom, it’s a good idea to put a maintenance plan in place to help keep it decluttered. This helps seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to avoid worrying about clutter accumulating again. Elder care providers can help aging adults to keep the bathroom and other areas of the house cleaner and decluttered. Staying proactive about clutter helps to keep that space safer for the Alzheimer’s patient.

Removing clutter is a big task, but it is one that is worthwhile, especially for seniors that have Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s care providers can help family caregivers to understand what seniors need and address safety concerns. Decluttering the bathroom is a great first step that can lead to decluttering the rest of the house and helping seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to live better and more simplified lives.

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