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What to do When Your Senior Won’t Ask for Help

In-Home Care in Portage MI
In-Home Care in Portage MI

There comes a time when a senior mom or dad needs more help and they may not ask for it because of embarrassment, pride, or they don’t want to feel like a burden. The truth is, it’s almost certain that a senior will need more assistance aging in place the older they get. What can you do when you know they need more help but won’t ask for it? Here are some of the best tips that you can use when your mom or dad won’t ask for the help they need.

Try Asking Open Ended Questions

One of the worst things you can do is ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. Your loved one is more likely to open up when they need to explain things or they are enjoying the conversation. Yes or no questions may not get you very far and they may be less likely to keep the conversation going. This is a good tactic to help you understand what exactly your loved one needs help with and it will keep you from assuming things. If you see they are struggling instead of asking if you need help you can say “how can I help” this means you are already providing and wanting to help and it won’t put pressure on them and it also doesn’t give them the chance to say no. Or you can ask where you can start in the house. This will lead them to tell you what their plans are and you can just start helping. Open-ended questions are the best way to help your seniors and connect with them.

Discuss Options

You may notice that your senior mom or dad needs help but they may never be comfortable enough to ask their adult children for help. Instead of trying to help, discuss options. Your loved one may be more comfortable with the idea of hiring in-home care and it may make them feel like less of a burden. In-home care can be crucial when it comes to aging in place because they will help run and maintain a household but also focus on senior health. Hiring in-home care may make it more comfortable for a senior to communicate needs and wants and whatever they think they need help with.

Be Patient With Your Loved One

It can be easy to get frustrated and lose patience with a senior especially when they won’t ask for help and you know they need it. However, if you start getting frustrated with the situation they may see it and withdraw from you. If they see anger or frustration from you they may see it and get frustrated with themselves too, which is not fair because most seniors can’t help it. This means you need to allow them to try to do things on their own, you need to allow them to ask for what help they can, and you need to be patient as they go about this process. Aging in place doesn’t come with a guidebook and most seniors are doing the best they can. The more patient and reassuring you are the more likely they will ask for help in the future.

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