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Creating An Advance Directive

How do we want to be treated when we get to the
end of our lives? What decisions would we like made
on our behalf if we are unable to make them? Life is
uncertain. It’s important to have a plan in place.
An Advance Directive is a document to let family
and medical professionals know your desires should
something happen. Work with your loved one to get
these documents drafted while they are still able to
speak clearly about their choices. Work together,
instead of assigning it to them as a task, to ensure
that you understand clearly what they want.
As a part of the Advance Directive, your loved one will
often appoint someone as their healthcare proxy. This
is the person that, if your older adult cannot make a
medical decision themselves, will make the decision
in accordance with their wishes. If you do not feel like
you agree with the decisions that they are making in
the Advance Directive, steer them to choose someone
who might be more in line with their values. If there is a
trusted medical professional in your family, perhaps this person might be better suited for this role.

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