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Healthy Lifestyle Habits for the Elderly

Everyone deserves to live a healthy life. However, being healthy isn’t just something that happens. People need to make healthy lifestyle choices in order to improve and maintain their health. Over time, as a person makes healthier choices, they can reduce their risk of health issues and feel better in general. If you are helping out your elderly loved one, there are some healthy lifestyle habits that they can implement to improve their overall health.

Eating Right

One of the best healthy lifestyle habits that someone can stick to is eating right. There are so many healthy recipes and healthy eating resources out there. It can be quite overwhelming. Many of the recipes are complicated and seem to be too much for the elderly. However, there are some simple steps the elderly can take to start eating right.

These tips include:

  • Eat one vegetable and one fruit a day
  • Add whole grains into meals
  • Eat fish instead of other meats

If your elderly loved one still needs help implementing healthy eating into their lifestyle, maybe you or a companion care at home provider could assist with this.

Lowering the Risk of Specific Health Issues

Does your elderly loved one have a higher risk of certain health conditions such as diabetes? Maybe, it runs in their family. If so, you or a home care provider should have your elderly loved one see a doctor. The doctor can give your elderly loved one recommendations on how to prevent or lower the risk of specific health conditions. You could also look up that specific condition and how to prevent it. Then, you could share what you learn with your elderly loved one.

Taking Medications Properly

Does your elderly loved one have to take medications to prevent a heart attack? Maybe, they are on medications for a different condition. Either way, in order to keep their health in the best state possible, you or a companion care provider may need to remind them to take their medications. Some senior citizens forget to take medications prescribed by their doctor and that worsens their condition. This doesn’t have to happen with your elderly loved one.


These are some of the best healthy lifestyle habits that your elderly loved one can start implementing into their daily routine. If they need help, these are things that you or companion care at home providers can help them with. If your elderly loved one have specific health concerns, make sure they see their doctor about those.


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