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Keep Your Mom Safe During a Heatwave

Senior Home Care in Marcellus MI
Senior Home Care in Marcellus MI

Heat advisories are being issued across the country. From some of the southern states to parts of the West Coast, the temperatures are extreme. Your mom lives alone, and you worry about her in the heat. What can you do to keep her safe during a heatwave, and how can senior home care help?

Have Her HVAC System Cleaned and Inspected

Has your mom’s HVAC system been cleaned and inspected recently? If it hasn’t, get that appointment scheduled ASAP. She may need to have the ducts cleaned and the air filter changed to get her system working efficiently again.

It will cost money to have this taken care of, but it’s better than having her system fail on the hottest days of the year. She may not have central AC though.

If she only has window units or a portable room air conditioner, make sure it’s working well during your next visit. If not, purchase a new one for her. If she doesn’t have central air, she doesn’t have to have AC in every room. But, your mom should have AC in her main living area and bedroom to stay comfortable during the day and night.

Install Smart Thermostats

Install thermostats that you can check remotely. If her home is heating up, you’ll get an alert. You can check with your mom and make sure she’s okay. If her AC isn’t working, you can call a technician to diagnose the issue and not even have to go to her house first if you’re at work or not nearby.

Stock Her Home With Foods She Doesn’t Have to Cook

Your mom won’t want to cook meals when it’s really hot. Have items she can eat without cooking. Prep vegetables, fruits, and grains in advance so that she can take what she wants without needing to cook anything. If you can’t, senior home care can be there to prepare healthy meals and snacks that are grab and go for your parent.

Homemade chicken or tuna salad are good choices to have available for sandwiches. Have containers of cooked grains in the fridge for cold grain bowls. You could top cooked quinoas with some cooked shrimp, avocado, chopped red peppers, chickpeas, chopped cucumbers, and grape tomatoes ready to go.

When your mom is hungry, she can get some quinoa and add her toppings and dressing. You could do the same with oatmeal and have overnight oats ready to top with nuts, honey, and fresh fruit for a quick no-cook breakfast.

Senior Home Care is Invaluable for Seniors and Family Caregivers

Make sure someone is checking in each day to make sure your mom’s home is cool and she’s doing okay. Senior home care services are a great way to do this. A caregiver can stop in, check how your mom’s doing, help her with daily chores, and cook her meals.

To schedule home care, pick up the phone or go online. Fill out a quick form about your mom’s home life, situation, and health and schedule senior home care services for her.

If you are considering senior home care in Marcellus, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!

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