Depression Seniors and Health Issues

How Does Depression Arise in Senior Citizens?

Almost everyone experiences some level of sadness throughout their life. However, depression should not be a regular or common occurrence for anyone. It also shouldn’t go on for a long time either. If this is happening for your elderly loved one, they may need companion care at home services and other help to break free from the depression. There are some ways to recognize if your elderly loved one is feeling depressed. If these things are noticed, be sure you step up to get your elderly loved one the help they need.

Moderate to Severe Sadness or Anxiety

Two of the symptoms of depression that your elderly loved one might experience are sadness or anxiety. Sure, everyone experiences these two feelings from time to time. However, when they become a regular thing or they are moderate to severe, it could signify depression. If you or a home care provider notice these things in your elderly loved one, you should take the time to talk to them about it. Hopefully, they will open up and let you know what is going on. Then, you and companion care at home providers can help them to feel better.

Low Energy or Chronic Fatigue

Your elderly loved one may also experience low energy or chronic fatigue if they are depressed. Depression takes a toll on the body and the mind which is why these symptoms may arise. When you talk to your elderly loved one, how do they sound? Are they talking less than usual? Do they miss phone calls due to taking a longer nap than normal? When you visit, is your elderly loved one just resting on the couch because they can’t seem to get up? If this is the case, your elderly loved one might be depressed.

No Pleasure in Hobbies

Have you noticed your elderly loved one has no pleasure in their hobbies recently? For example, if your elderly loved one used to crochet or put puzzles together, but hasn’t done any of that recently, they might be experiencing depression. Maybe, they feel alone and don’t want to do these hobbies on their own anymore. If that is the case, you can hire companion care at home providers to take part in these hobbies with your elderly loved one. It may also just help your elderly loved one to have someone around when they are doing these activities.


These are some of the ways that depression may arise in senior citizens. If you start to notice symptoms of depression in your elderly loved one, don’t ignore it. Talk to your elderly loved one to see what you can do to help them. Maybe, if you hired companion care at home providers they could help your elderly loved one to break free of the depression, as well.


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