ALS Seniors and Health Issues

How Home Care Can Help Your Senior with ALS

Does your elderly loved one have ALS? If so, you may already know what is going to happen with the progression of this disease. However, you may not be too familiar yet with how much home care can benefit your elderly loved one. Home care for ALS involves all kinds of help to those with this disease. It includes personal care, help with transportation, hospice care, and much more.

Getting Your Elderly Loved One Personal Care

If your elderly loved one has ALS, the disease is going to progress quickly. They are going to need help with personal care tasks and may not want a family member to help with these tasks. The things they may need help with include getting dressed and undressed, taking a shower, brushing their teeth, wiping when going to the bathroom, and other daily living activities. If your elderly loved one doesn’t have ALS home care yet, now might be a good time to book these services.

Help for Family Caregivers

You may have been taking care of your elderly loved one for some time, since they found out they had ALS. However, the more the disease progresses, the more demanding it can be to take care of your elderly loved one. If this is the case, you and your elderly loved one could benefit from booking ALS home care services. It will allow you to get a break, so you can focus on other things in your life and so you can just rest, too.

Receiving Hospice Care

Unfortunately, over some time, ALS will become fatal. There are symptoms that will develop that affect your elderly loved one’s heart rate, breathing, and other bodily functions. It is important to have services ready for when this time comes. Hospice care is a go-to for people who have ALS. If you are a family caregiver of someone who has this disease, you may want to reach out before this stage, so you can learn more about what you will need to do when the time comes for receiving this type of help.


If your elderly loved one does have ALS, it is important to understand that the disease can progress fairly quickly. Even if your elderly loved one just received an ALS diagnosis or they are only in the first stage of the disease, it can still benefit you and them to get home care services. These home care providers are trained in handling people with this disease. They know what type of care to provide and how to help everyone who is involved in the care, too.

If you aren’t sure what services your elderly loved one needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to a home care agency today. You can get more information about the services that can be provided for someone with ALS. Once your elderly loved one starts receiving these services, you will see just how helpful they can be.


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