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What Does Your Dad Need the Most After Knee Surgery?

Post-Hospital Care in Schoolcraft MI
Post-Hospital Care in Schoolcraft MI

Around 50% of older adults develop arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type, affecting 32.5 million adults. It occurs with normal wear and tear to a joint while walking, standing up, sitting down, bending, etc. Those movements cause the cartilage to wear out.

Osteoarthritis is most common in the knees, hips, and hands. There is no cure, but physical therapy, hot/cold compresses, and over-the-counter pain medications are often used to ease the discomfort. Sometimes, the cartilage wears out enough that joint replacement surgery is recommended.

Your dad is about to undergo knee surgery. It’s expected that he’ll need at least six months to a year before he’s fully active and mobile. What is he going to need during the recovery?

To Be Active

While your dad’s knee heals, he needs to be active. He shouldn’t sit around all day. He may need to use a walker and then a cane for several weeks or months, make sure he does.

Accompany him on walks when you can. If you’re not available, post-hospital care can keep him company and join him on short walks up and down the driveway or sidewalk. While he does need to walk around, he isn’t supposed to do too much. When someone is with him, you can limit his activity.

To Get Enough Rest

Your dad has to be active to get used to his new knee, and he needs to strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. But, he cannot overexert himself. He needs to take breaks and avoid overdoing it.

There are some household chores he shouldn’t attempt right now. If his laundry room is in the basement, all of those stairs may not be recommended for now. Hire someone else to do the laundry for him.

Your dad’s surgeon will have a limit on how much he should lift and carry. He needs to abide by that rule until his surgeon gives him clearance to lift heavier items.

Keeping his knee elevated is important. Make sure someone else is carrying in his groceries, doing the vacuuming, and bringing out the trash and recyclables. Post-hospital care aides can do this and make sure your dad sits down periodically and elevates his knee when he is resting.

To Follow Through With Physical Therapy Sessions

Your dad’s surgeon will recommend that your dad works with a physical therapist to build strength and improve mobility. Your dad cannot drive himself to these appointments at first. He needs someone to accompany him to his appointments and be the driver. Post-hospital care aides can drive him to medical offices, stores, and other area businesses.

Talk to your dad and his surgeon. As you get to know the things he can and cannot do on his own for the next few weeks and months, arrange the post-hospital care services that cover those tasks.


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