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Get Out This Spring

In most parts of the country, we are seeing the signs of spring everywhere. Birds are back, singing brightly each morning; flowers are starting to bloom, whether it’s tulips or dandelions; Temps are rising, and days are getting longer. It’s been a long, hard winter for many of our elderly population as events remained cancelled, gatherings were limited, and even seeing family was difficult if not impossible. With rapid vaccinations happening around the country, your aging parent may be ready to enjoy spring to its fullest, but still using some precaution is wise. Here are some safer ways for your senior to celebrate spring, whether it’s by herself, with you or even with her senior care provider.

  • Have a picnic. Many outdoor activities are much safer to have this spring, so if your community is deemed safe for outdoor activities, your senior may love planning a picnic at a local park or lake. Her senior care provider can help her pack up a lunch and even drive her to the location if needed. Plan a picnic near a playground and maybe even your parent can meet her grandkids or grand-nieces and nephews at the park for a lovely outdoor meal.
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  • Explore local trails. Spring is a great time to get out to parks and walk or bike the trails. Your parent can spot all kinds of plants and animals spring to life after a winter of hibernation. She might see animals building new homes, or spot lots of buds just starting to turn green and open up. Getting outside can be a great mood lifter after all those dark, cold months.
  • Work on the yard. Depending on your parent’s physical abilities, many people love the opportunity to get back out into the yard and prepare for spring flowers and green grass. Gardening is a great form of exercise as well as a stress reducer. If there are aspects of gardening your parent now needs help with (such as hauling bags of fertilizer), enlist the help of a family member or senior care provider for the tasks she cannot do so that she can still enjoy the ones she can do.
  • Go to an outdoor concert or market. Spring brings out the talented to share their gifts so now is a great time to look at your community calendar to see if there are any events your parent is able to attend. Maybe there’s a concert at an outside stage she could bring a lawn chair to and enjoy while staying socially distant from strangers. Or you might find a farmer’s market that she can wear a mask to and still peruse the many fares they have to offer.
  • Feed the birds. Do some spring cleaning for the birds and get those feeders cleaned out, put out, and filled with the seeds and food that will attract the birds that are now back in the neighborhood.

As your parent ventures out, just remember to continue to abide by area ordinances and rules so that your parent can stay healthy and safe while getting back out into the world to celebrate spring.

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Four Tips for Security Worries

One reason you might worry about your senior aging in place could be a concern for her overall safety and security at home. There are some big and small changes you can make that can help to reassure both you and her that she’s as safe as possible in her home.

Dealing with Fire Concerns

One of the biggest security worries your senior might have beyond just door locks might be fire safety. Lots of companies make both easier to manage than they have been in the past. Smoke and fire detection can be part of an entire interior and exterior security system if your senior is looking for something along those lines. Even if she’s not looking for something comprehensive, it’s important to have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers that are easy to use.

Light up the Outside

Exterior lighting makes a huge difference, too. Motion-activated lights are really important because they function without your elderly family member having to remember to turn them on. They can also be positioned to make sure that she can see what’s going on in her entire yard. If the bulbs are older halogen lights, it’s a good idea to swap them out for LED bulbs. They’re brighter and they last a lot longer, too.

Make it Easy to See Who’s at the Door

When it’s really easy for your elderly family member to see who’s at the door, she’s a lot safer. Making sure that she can safely look through a peephole is one solution, but there are more modern solutions, too. Video doorbells that allow her to see and talk to whoever is at the door no matter where she is could be exactly the answer you’ve been looking for. These doorbells are easy to install and usually don’t require any special experience to master.

Helping Her Avoid Being Alone

Loneliness can be a much bigger security issue than you realize. Making sure that your senior has the help and the companionship that she needs can be a great way for you to spot issues that need correcting. Home care providers can let you know what they’re seeing and whether your elderly family member might be having bigger issues than you expected.

There may be other security issues that fit your senior’s individual needs as well. Do what you can to assess those security needs and correct whatever you can.

If you are considering home care in Paw Paw, MI, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at Fresh Perspective Home Care at (269) 329-4717. We are here to help!