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What You and Your Senior Need to Know about Hypothermia

Personal Care at Home in Kalamazoo MI
Personal Care at Home in Kalamazoo MI

Hypothermia is a health issue that arises when your senior is too cold and her body temperature drops too low. Extended hypothermia can be fatal, so it’s vital to understand what causes hypothermia and what your senior can do to avoid it. Personal care at home providers can be essential in helping your senior avoid this potentially dangerous condition.

Hypothermia May Be More of an Issue for Your Senior Now

In the past, your elderly family member might not have been sensitive to the cold and she definitely wasn’t concerned about hypothermia. But as your elderly family member ages, she has less body fat and other aspects of her health may have changed. Her circulatory system might not function as efficiently and she may have a tougher time regulating her body temperature. All of that can contribute to hypothermia.

Causes of Hypothermia in Seniors

But beyond what makes her more susceptible to hypothermia, you need to understand the physical causes of this health issue and why your senior may need to take precautions. Standing outside in the cold for more than a few minutes, especially in the wrong clothing, could have a big impact on your senior. If she’s in the habit of choosing inappropriate clothes for the weather or is in the habit of setting the thermostat too low, these can all cause hypothermia.

Symptoms of Hypothermia

If your elderly family member is experiencing hypothermia, she might experience shivering, difficulty speaking, trouble breathing, and a weak pulse. She may also have a difficult time with normal activities and she can appear drowsy or confused. These are all signs to take very seriously, especially if you’re also noticing that her skin is cold to the touch. If you think your senior is experiencing hypothermia, contact her doctor and 911 for assistance.

How Personal Care at Home Can Help Prevent Hypothermia

Preventing hypothermia is essential. If your elderly family member spends a lot of time alone, she may not realize how she puts herself at risk of experiencing hypothermia. Having personal care at home providers with your senior can make a huge difference in how your senior approaches temperature and her health. Personal care at home providers are able to monitor how your senior is doing, ensure that she’s warm, and that she’s eating and hydrating. All of this is vital in keeping her healthy overall as well. Personal care at home also helps you to understand your senior’s needs on a daily basis.

Avoiding hypothermia can be as simple as making sure that your elderly family member has assistance available to her as she needs it.

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