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Four Top Tips to Help Seniors Deal with Shorter Days

Home Care in Parchment MI
Home Care in Parchment MI

Fall and winter means shorter days and a lot more darkness, even during the day. Shorter days have a significant impact on mental health for people of all ages, but it can be even more complicated for aging adults. Having help from home care professionals can make dealing with shorter days a lot easier and less emotionally taxing for aging adults.

Prioritize Sunlight or at Least Sun Lamps

One of the best solutions for people who have trouble with shorter days and less daylight is to prioritize the sunlight that is available. What that can mean is spending at least a few minutes either outside or near a window with access to natural light. This helps with balancing moods and regulating circadian rhythms. A short walk outside can help with getting more physical activity in while also offering exposure to light. When natural light is in short supply or if seniors need more light exposure, sun lamps are an excellent option. Elder care providers can help seniors remember to use these tools when needed.

Establish and Stick to Routines That Work

Circadian rhythms are an important factor when dealing with shorter days, and part of what helps to keep those where they should be is for seniors to have solid daily routines. It’s really easy for seniors to get out of sync, however. Home care providers can be incredibly helpful with things like establishing good daily routines, sticking with consistent wake-up times, and incorporating activities into each day that make it easier to keep circadian rhythms where they should be.

Focus on Nutrition and Exercise

Eating a balanced diet is more important for every aspect of mental and physical well-being than seniors sometimes realize. Eating a healthy diet regularly enables seniors to get all of the nutrients they need in order to stay as healthy as possible and to make mood regulation easier. Elder care providers can take care of the practical aspects of healthier eating, taking that burden off seniors. Likewise, getting more physical activity is crucial as well and caregivers can remind seniors to engage in simple, safe activities that help them get what they need every day to balance moods and stay healthy.

Talk to Healthcare Providers

Checking in with healthcare providers is another important piece of the puzzle. Seniors need to mention changes in their physical and mental well-being to their medical providers, especially if those changes are coinciding with seasonal changes. This can help everyone involved to stay on the same page about what is happening, what is working, and what isn’t. Finding solutions like addressing vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin D, can help to ensure that seniors are getting all of the help they need.

It’s extremely common for aging adults to have more difficulty dealing with shorter days as they age. The key is to find solutions that can help them to stay on target with their needs and existing health issues. Home care services can tackle a great many of these concerns, helping seniors to not only keep on track but to have emotional support and peace of mind when they need it.

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